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Post: 1 paź 2005, o 22:14 

Rejestracja: 25 gru 2003, o 10:29
Posty: 897
Lokalizacja: Sickside
Goddamn it, he's at it again,
Jaq's here to answer ya my friend
I ain't writing with any pen
I ain't typin with my dick
Yo HC, cover me, are ya in my clique?
Or not, let's get muthafuckin hot
And say howdy to the spot
The CH forum gonna die soon
Nothin can be done about it
No need to cry fools
Because there will be a substitute
Ok, enough of the warm up dude

Now I ain't tryin' to kill y'all with rhymes
I'm just checkin' out the fucked up style
Now, yo, I ain't drunk like h + c + 8 + 7
Let's all die tonight and go to heaven
With this forum cause its time's over
Everything has got to have an end
That's how it's been written
That's how it's been said

JHC is our goddamn project
Hope we'll be able to push it out
If ya wnt to, than dodge it
Before we fucking woop it out
That's what it's all about

Thanx for the discussions
Thanks for the battle
Thanks for the chit chat
And thanks for all ....


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Post: 7 sty 2009, o 00:31 
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Rejestracja: 24 lut 2004, o 08:32
Posty: 408
Lokalizacja: poznań
This is that PCHST shit from back in the days
I guess P stands for Power, that means we be still into that Power chase
Verses are like diamonds or rather deadly liquid swords
That's why I put my trust into these solid words
Invest in them even if y'all bustin' that recession shit
CEO making rules, and yo better fill your verbal clip
Set me up, it ain't my fault I got to shine
Wine and dine ya while my style's more stoned than a ganja
Hold no grudges,
Fuck the police and threat the judges
That's why my swagger's got a kick like a malt liquor
They call me professor, not Griffin, but I'm still a teacher
Mad rhymes jumpin' off like they was causin' mad ruckus
Hip hop is like a rabbit hole in a Wonderland, means there's no stoppin' us
Follow up brothas :)

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Post: 7 sty 2009, o 01:49 
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Rejestracja: 18 gru 2003, o 23:32
Posty: 1258
Lokalizacja: Szczecin
Guess who's back!
Guess who's back!
I got million ideas in my mind
so dont check
dont try to wreck
just do what you get
I just want to say
It's good to have YOU back.



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Post: 15 sty 2009, o 13:27 
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Rejestracja: 24 lut 2004, o 08:32
Posty: 408
Lokalizacja: poznań
Lyrics be the psycho-active, ask around who's the coolest
Seriously, bags of yeyo, only our shit's the purest
This ain't that crack garbage, this be the dope shipped by the coolest
So y'all: Lord, Machine, Sand - show me who's the truest!
When I write rhymes, they be wild, I'm the author of realistic novel,
Y'all girls think I'm so cool they wanna make it a motel
Lyrics keeping it real unlike some wack science fiction
Competition, been thinkin' about the next battle edition
But the true is, I need y'all to represent to the fullest
With crazy shit and punchlines inside your verbal bullets
So if anybody want to battle you better stay aware
<whoop><whoop>Y'all heard that? This is sound of red alert, geaah

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